Gary S. ([personal profile] thesharklady) wrote2013-08-21 06:24 pm

Look, I've got a Dreamwidth account.

 The title pretty much says it all. I created this specifically so I would have a place to post what I write for NaNoWriMo this year - it may contain other writing of mine as well, or notes on research for the novel, but I'm not sure yet.

 Anyways...the novel. Obviously, November is a long way away, so I haven't quite fleshed it out fully, but I figured I would make a start anyways. It was largely inspired by the impressive quantity of Lovecraft and Lovecraft-inspired stories I've been reading recently, particularly in the creation of the setting; the city in which it takes place is, like Lovecraft's Arkham, something like an alternate version of Salem, Massachusetts, and like Arkham, it's full of some pretty weird history.

 But that'll have to wait until the story gets started. Or until I get bored enough to post more of a description. Hm...anything more I can say? Well, the novel will involve the creation of an a posteriori constructed language that imitates Swabian German heavily influenced by French and English, as it would become if maybe - just maybe - immigrants from the Black Forest, de Svarsvald, were to travel through France and settle somewhere in America. Maybe.

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